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How To

Custom Wallpaper Design Mural Sizing Guide
  • Make sure that your wall is smooth and clean. This includes removing all screws, nails, and tacks. You must fill in all cracks as well to ensure that your wallpaper and or wall mural will stick the best and will last as long as possible.
  • Make sure the entire wall is as smooth as possible, then wipe down the wall(s) with water mixed with dish soap (not a lot). Wait for 24hrs for the walls to dry properly.
  • Paint the wall with an orderly color that won’t show through. Try to stick to light colors.
  • Measure the height of the wall, unroll the wallpaper, and mark the measurement. Once this is done you can cut a straight line across the marking.
Crossed Circles wallpaper with white circle design, Custom Wallpaper Design
  • Unroll a new strip from the wallpaper and line it up next to the previously cut strip. Move it accordingly to make sure that the pattern will be repeated properly. Use the first cut strip to see how long the new strip should be and cut. Repeat this process for the rest of the strips until you have enough to do the whole wall.
  • Hang the first strip on the wall by either pasting or peeling the backing off of the peel-and-stick material. Do this very slowly making sure to avoid getting bubbled fabric- it is very important to make sure that the first strip goes on straight.


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