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Have a Question? Hopefully we have the answer. If not feel free to reach out to us through our contact page.


    1. Where do we ship?
      Custom Wallpaper Design currently only ships within the United States. We will update you when we ship internationally!
    2. Can I change or cancel my order once it has been placed?
      Since our process has been effectively and efficiently automated to produce high-quality results quickly for you, our orders cannot be changed once submitted.
      You can change your shipping address, however, or may call us directly to see if the order has not been sent out to print yet. If it has not been sent out yet, you may be able to cancel the order. After canceling, you can place a new order.
    3. How do I place a custom order?
      1. Pick and measure the wall you want your mural on. 
      2. Review the sizes of murals we offer. If you do not see your exact wall size select the closest size up from your wall size. 
      3. Pick your wallpaper material!
      4.  Review and check off the copyright agreement.
      5. Add your real measured wall dimensions so we can enter your image.
    4. Are the Products Removable? 
      Yes! All of our wallpaper is removable, our peel-and-stick line can be removed, readjusted, and installed again too.
    5. Can I Request a Sample of a Product?
      Yes, you can purchase a sample of any design and any type of material. They are available for purchase in every product purchase area.
    6. What is the Best Surface to Put Wallpaper On?
      Flat, Smooth, and Clean surfaces are the best type of surfaces to put wallpaper on. This allows the material to stick properly. If you are not going to use the wallpaper on a Smooth or Flat surface we suggest that you order a sample first. The sample will allow you to test it out before buying a lot of square footage and realizing it doesn’t work.
    7. What materials are used for your products?
      a. Untextured Vinyl Peel and Stick is ReTac Smooth 150 Matte.
      b. Textured Peel and Stick Vinyl is ReTac Canvas 150.
      c. Peel and Stick Fabric Wallpaper is PhotoTex Wallpaper.
      d. Untextured and Unpasted Wallpaper is DreamScape 20oz Matte.
      e. Textured and Unpasted Wallpaper is DreamScape 20oz Canvas. To learn more visit please read about our materials.
    8. How do I accurately measure my wall?
      What you need: A Measuring Tape, Pencil, and Piece of Paper. First make sure that all furniture, pictures, and shelves are off the wall. Next, put the end of the measuring tape at the bottom of the wall and measure all the way up to the top of the wall- where the wall meets the ceiling or trim. Write that down as the Height of the wall. After that you put the bottom of the measuring tape at the end of the wall and measure across to the other side- write that down as the width.

      You now have the proper dimensions of your wall!
    9. How do I order from Custom Wallpaper Designs?
      1. Pick your pattern.
      2. Order a sample patch to make sure that the material will stick properly to your wall.
      3. Once you know that the wallpaper will stick to your wall- measure the area that you would like to place it.
      4. Input the dimensions onto the product page. Place it in your cart and proceed to check out.
      5. Well done! You have placed an order. We hope you love our products as much as we do.
    10. Can I change my Order Once it has been Placed?
      You can attempt to reach out to customer support to change or reverse your order. Unfortunately, because all of our products are made to order, we cannot issue a cancelation or return once your product has started to be printed.
    11. What happens if my order arrives damaged?
      Here at Custom Wallpaper Design, we are dedicated to making sure you love exactly what we make. If the product you ordered is delivered damaged, we urge you to reach out to our customer service, send a photograph of the damage, and leave the rest to us. We will print a new product and send it to you- making sure that it is up to your standards.
    12. How many rolls do I need to complete my room?
      This depends on how big the walls are in your room and how many walls you are planning on putting wallpaper on. Refer to this page on our website: It will tell you how many rolls your project will end up needing.
    13. Will my wallpaper come with instructions?
      Yes! There are installation videos posted here We will put a letter with a QR Code within the box that will direct you to the videos.
    14. Can I use it on a textured wall/surface?
      We don’t suggest putting wallpaper up on a textured surface. It may not stick properly and can fall down. If you do have textured surface walls we suggest ordering a piece of sample wallpaper and seeing how that looks/ feels/ and how securely it sticks to the wall.
    15. Where are the products manufactured?
      All of the Products that custom wallpaper design produces are made in Danbury, CT.

What is the difference between wallpaper and wall murals?

  1. Wallpaper
    Wallpaper is a type of wall covering that typically comes in rolls of paper or vinyl material. It is designed to cover entire walls or large portions of walls. Wallpaper is available in a wide range of patterns, colors, textures, and designs. It requires adhesive and proper installation techniques, such as measuring, cutting, and pasting, to apply it to the wall surface. Wallpaper is a semi-permanent option that can be more difficult to remove than wall decals or murals. It is commonly used to create a cohesive and consistent look throughout a room or space.
  2. Wall Mural
    A wall mural is a large-scale artwork or image that is applied directly to a wall, usually covering a significant portion of the entire wall surface. Wall murals often depict intricate designs, landscapes, scenes, or illustrations. They are applied using adhesive or wallpaper paste and require careful installation to align and smooth out the mural seamlessly. Wall murals can create a focal point or statement piece in a room, adding visual impact and artistic expression.