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Help with Your Wallpaper Trouble

Help with Your Wallpaper Trouble

Dealing with Peel-and-Stick wallpaper can be tricky and confusing. We compiled three of the biggest issues people face when dealing with peel-and-stick wallpaper and gave instructions on how to avoid them.


Stubborn Bubbles

When applying peel-and-stick wallpaper you are bound to run into bubbles under your wallpaper. In most cases you can smooth out the bubbles with your wallpaper squeegee, and by pulling the wallpaper off the wall an inch past the bubble and reapplying much slower. 

If this doesn’t work, you can take your exacto knife and poke a very tiny hole into the bubble. After doing this take your squeegee and smooth it out. 

Hopefully, now stubborn air bubbles won’t be a problem for you!

Taking the Wallpaper Off 

Peeling your peel-and-stick wallpaper off can be a very difficult task. In order to ensure your walls don’t get damaged there are some easy steps that you can take. 

  1. Before putting your wallpaper up in the first place, make sure that your walls have been painted in a paint that has a satin or semi-gloss finish. 
  2. When peeling the wallpaper off the wall go VERY slowly. Fast ripping motions can take the paint from the wall off. 
  1. If the paint is still pulling off of the walls when you are taking your wallpaper off slowly, we recommend using a hair dryer or a heat gun. Hold it about 5-6 inches away from the wall and slowly peel up.

Wallpaper falling down after application

  1. Not fully securing the wallpaper

Once again the air bubbles are causing more problems! If wallpaper is not fully secured to the wall it runs a risk of completely falling down. If a wallpaper does not have a secure bond to a wall (wrinkles, bubbles, ect) It’s prone to falling. 

  1. Unclean walls.

Your walls must be clean before applying wallpaper. We recommend cleaning off your walls with a 2/3 rubbing alcohol and 1/3 water combination.

  1. Textured walls.

When you apply peel-and-stick wallpaper on textured walls you always run the risk of it not adhering properly.

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